About BiotronX LLC
BiotronX LLC is your reliable alternative to servicing your IHC instrumentation. BiotronX is owned and operated by Scott Stevenson, a former employee of a Global IHC OEM Manufacturer. Scott has over 5 years' experience maintaining IHC instrumentation as a Dedicated Corporate Account Engineer. You may remember Scott visiting your lab in the past. As you will recall, Scott's dedication to excellence and level of customer service was unsurpassed. Now with his own company, he wants to continue serving IHC instrument owners with an even higher level of service than ever before. Owning BiotronX LLC gives him the latitude he needs to do just that!

Scott began his long career in the electronics repair field in 1996 when he joined the United States Air Force. He was a Craftsman Avionics and Automatic Flight Control Specialist. Scott was in charge of several different maintenance programs during his military career. He even acquired his BS in Aeronautical Science while being  deployed to Saudi Arabia and Turkey several times. When he left the military, Scott was hired by a Pharmaceutical Automation Company where he was quickly promoted to a management position. When Scott teamed up with his former employer in early 2006 he rapidly excelled in his position and was promoted to Corporate Accounts within one year of being hired. Now Scott is bringing his expertise directly to you through BiotronX. Contact Scott and find out why BiotronX is the obvious choice when it come to maintaining your IHC instrumentation!

BiotronX is proud to be a Veteran Owned Entity and an official US Government Contractor. DUNS # available upon request.

BiotronX is an authorized vendor for GE Healthcare, ARAMARK Asset management and Thermo Fisher's Asset Management Program